Together with you, we want to become the most refreshing brand in the world.

A positive attitude makes many things better. That's why we want to help everyone to go through life in a lighter and more relaxed way. We make cooling clothing so that you can keep a cool head even when it gets a little hotter.

What makes CULYA special

Our brand values


Our products are durable and give the customer real added value instead of being disposable. Our products fulfill the clear function of “cooling” & “protecting from the sun”.

Team spirit

CULYA forms a team together with its customers. This is noticeable in customer service, which is always available and finds solutions instead of putting people off. Value is also placed on a community that stands behind the CULYA vision and helps to shape it interactively.


We want to ensure responsible handling in all areas. Everything we do must be honest and authentic. Sustainable and fair production and the support of suitable social projects are also part of this.


Based on our brand essence “stay cool. go further.“, we “stay cool” at all levels and adopt a positive and motivating attitude. Our internal and external communication, our products and our business activities are based on this.

Who stands behind CULYA

Our founding history


And lots of support from all sides. Timor founded CULYA™ in Hamburg in 2019. He himself is actually a cameraman, but has been focusing on building brands and companies since 2017. In his opinion, they can be big and powerful as long as they take responsibility. Responsibility for the environment, employees and customers. He puts this intention into every project, regardless of the topic. In his opinion, this is also a customer request that is currently growing and is prompting the market to take action. CULYA™ wants to be part of this positive change together with other great brands. Starting with a 16°C cooling towel, many other sustainable and cooling products have since been developed. Content will also be available in the areas of everyday life, work, health and sport & outdoor, travel and vacation as well as lifestyle, offering the CULYA community incentives to get more out of their summer.


In the beginning, Timor was only interested in one thing at CULYA - LEARNING. "CULYA was actually born out of a learning project. I wanted to go through the entire process of creating a brand from the first thought to the happy customer. Before, I was often only involved in certain stages, such as the concept or film production. But the fact that purchasing and product production as well as packaging licenses, general terms and conditions and sales are part of this is an important part of the whole. From this learning, it quickly became clear that I really fancy this summer brand. CULYA received a lot of encouragement from friends and users, which gave me additional motivation.

When "CULYA" was then used as a synonym for "See you later!" and "Take care!", I was hooked. It was clear that I would continue!

CULYA should be an opportunity to share the joy of life. I'm sure we've all experienced that things work better with a positive attitude. We often only make it difficult for ourselves to take life easy, but simply make it difficult for ourselves. Change of perspective, totally my thing! That's why CULYA."


Another founder, Thorsten, joined the CULYA team at the end of 2022. Thorsten was like (too) many other people: "I had never heard of cooling clothing before, but I found it incredibly exciting right from the start. I immediately thought of many possible applications, including for myself. I like to play tennis and padel tennis in the summer. You are directly exposed to the sun without any real protection. In addition, sweaty hands are particularly annoying - it makes playing tennis unnecessarily difficult."

The initial enthusiasm was aroused. After Thorsten had tested the first CULYA products himself, he was completely sold. It was clear that he wanted to become part of the CULYA team.

Thorsten has a background in business administration and worked as a management consultant for many years. He has always had a passion for entrepreneurship, partly because of his parents. He founded his first e-commerce company in 2017, followed by a SaaS start-up in 2019. CULYA closes the circle for him: "The opportunity to be part of something that creates real added value is now the most important thing for me. Added value for people, added value for sick people too, for whom our products can provide relief. And to build a company in which the people who work there can develop freely and in the best possible way."

Community Brand

Our long-term corporate goal


CULYA wants to grow together with you. On the one hand, we want to share refreshing content and, on the other, develop smart and cooling products. The aim is also to create exciting workplaces with new perspectives that encourage each individual to think for themselves.


CULYA wants to give its employees freedom so that they can develop in the best possible way. Why shouldn’t our employees be able to work from anywhere in the world? Why shouldn’t our employees be able to organize their own working hours?


CULYA wants to become a community brand and develop further with ideas from the community. A brand that is shaped by its users and grows out of them. If you are interested, we will be happy to tell you more. Simply contact us by e-mail. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook.