At risk of sunburn,
Sweat stains and the smell of sweat?


We develop cooling clothing so that heat, sun and sweating are never a problem for you again in everyday life.

Sleepless on summer nights?

Sweat stains on your clothes?

Protection from UV radiation?

Avoid the smell of sweat?

Take a look at where CULYA™ is used

Cooling clothing

How natural CULYA cooling works

Evaporative cooling

Evaporative cooling is the simplest and most climate-neutral cooling method there is! Just give it a try: Lick your skin and blow, it’ll get cooler, right? That’s exactly what evaporative cooling is! Liquid evaporates and cools the surface. We optimize this physical principle with various technologies. This gives clothing a cooling effect and offers optimum comfort on hot days.

Cooling minerals

Our yarns are finished with minerals that immediately absorb the heat from the surface of the body. This creates a “cool-touch” effect that makes the textiles appear cold to the touch.

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We pay attention to high breathability during processing in order to optimally control the moisture balance. Our textiles should not feel wet at any time, but should evaporate moisture directly.


Odor control

We use Aerosilver in many of our products for added freshness. This finish has an antibacterial effect and reduces odors. This increases comfort enormously on hot days.

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Self-cooling textiles with a sun protection factor can help in many situations

We cool down

In everyday life

  • Do you have trouble falling asleep in the summer heat?
  • Do sweat stains on your clothes bother you?
  • Do you have the feeling that your T-shirts smell unpleasant after the first time you wear them?

In everyday life, summer brings not only sunshine and joy, but also challenges that can affect our comfort and well-being.

In order to fall asleep well in the heat, your body temperature must drop slightly. If it is too hot, cooling bed linen will help.

Our fiber with a natural cooling effect is processed into a breathable fabric and ensures a silky-soft feeling on the skin.

Cooling comforter cover
Sleep Cool

Our innovative T-shirts help protect against sweat stains, UV radiation and the smell of sweat.

They keep your body cool and dry and minimize odour build-up.


Whether bed linen, T-shirts, hoodies or cooling towels – Cooling clothing with sun protection can literally refresh your everyday life.

Versatile in use

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